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Herbal-based food supplements are among the most widely used alternative treatments for obesityHowevertheir effectivenesssafetyand mechanism of actions largely remain unknownAmong themthe Hoodia gordonii supplements are extremely popularThe African cactiform HgordoniiAsclepiadaceaeis a succulent plant growing in the Kalahari Deseret in South AfricaNamibiaand Botswana3The plant has been used for thousands of years by Xhomani Bushmen as a hunger and thirst suppressant during hunting tripsand the natural antiobesity agent from the plant has attracted great attention and led to many commercial preparations4

To reassure consumers of the efficacy of Hoodoba diet pillsthe Hoodoba site goes on to quote the likely imaginary ProfPIvanov of the likely imaginary NewLife Health InstituteIf Ivanov existshe hasn’t published any papers in the last 57 years.

Hoodia tea is taking the world by storm these days as one of the most dependable and favored hoodia-based productsIt really works fast and no adverse effects have been seen thus farIt is a shredded and dried form of the Hoodia plant that can be consumed like tea by brewing it in warm waterMost of the hoodia teas available in the market are seldom pure since they come as blends of hoodia with green tea and other herbs.

Pregnancy and breast-feedingNot enough is known about the use of hoodia during pregnancy and breast-feedingStay on the safe side and avoid use.

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hoodia gordonii, although it looks like a cactus, actually a succulent from the kalahari desert in southern africa.

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