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 grammar lexical errors

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 grammar lexical errors

There are plenty of problems, which may occur due to grammar or lexical errors: Every mistake gives your reader the reason to regard you as inattentive and illiterate; Mistake might distract the reader’s attention from main point of view and make him seek other grammar and lexical errors throughout the work; One little mistake can disgrace you while you show your findings to the audience and your achievements won’t be as successful as you wanted. Most professors pay close attention to every comma and word, they add to research, but who can assure them that incautious push cannot result in grammar error. Proofreading takes time and intrinsically close attention. Experience shows that an author needs hours to look through the text and to examine every word and phrase carefully. The practical side also shows that efficient proofreading can be made only by the independent person, who can look at the work impartially and use https://customcollegeessays.com/blog/free-college-essay/ critical thinking to inspect every phrase.